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Copper Tom is a nationally known children's music performer who appears at hundreds of schools & libraries each year.


Copper Tom is a nationally known children's music performer who appears at hundreds of schools & libraries each year. His is based in Southeastern Michigan. Copper Tom is a full time children's music entertainer. He is also a certified teacher with a masters degree in education. He has shows on a variety of themes & is very effective with pre-school, primary & intermediate age grade children. His shows are highly interactive & often include a little magic, puppetry & games - along with some jokes & often a story or 2. His CDs have won national awards & his family friendly videos on YouTube are very popular as well.

Jump Around Parties

Jump Around Parties offers unique musical entertainment for young children. Birthday celebrants are often turning one or two years old- and party entertainment is available for children from ages 1-10. Your entertainer is Copper Tom -a former teacher - is an award-winning children's music performer who tours throughout the U.S. going to day cares, schools & libraries. He has recorded two CDs & his music videos can be seen on YouTube. Party entertainment includes many fun, short activities inclding sing-a-longs, interactive games, puppets, the Copper Tom Dance Party, kiddie karaoke, a Birthday parade, Magic Bubbles & more!

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Copper Tom is a full time children's music songwriter, performer & storyteller who specializes in shows for schools & libraries. In addition to prewsenting his music- much of it original compositions from his award-winning CDs or new material, he also tells wonderful stories in a way that can be readily understood by listeners of all ages. His current featured story is called ``The Sea of Gold``. It is a Japanese folk tale of human kindness & understanding triumphing over fear & closed-mindedness. It has been aclaomed for being spell-binding, surprising and inspirational!

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BIO COPPER TOM is unique in the ever burgeoning field of children’s music in that he incorporates cool, sometimes arcane, rhythms into cool, accessible songs. He draws inspiration from American roots music including old time country, blues & roots rock & roll. He might throw in a little New Orleans funk, some Trinidadian calypso, a little ragggae &, some deceptively simple tales ( or in the case of his doggie songs- that would be “tails”) &, well, you get the picture! Then again, only by listening will you really start to appreciate what his unique musical vision has to offer! COPPER TOM's release Get the Beat! won the Album of the Year Award from the Kids Music Awards in 2010.


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